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Recalled 2 Life is a biblical counseling service dedicated to the principle that Christ has much to speak into our lives about our brokenness, suffering and trauma.  As we move to Christ these problems can be seen with new clarity.  It is the goal of recalled2life to seek to seek biblical thinking in all of the difficult situations of life. 

Biblical Counselor 

Kathie Donaldson has been a teacher for over thirty-five years in public, private, and home schools. Throughout those years she has worked as and educator and guidance counselor. She holds a MA in Counseling and Student Affairs from Western Kentucky University and a MA in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. She has worked under the pastoral staff of her church in counseling ministry. She is married to her husband of over 40 years, Ken. They have three adult sons, two daughter-in-laws, two daughters and five grandchildren. She enjoys reading, relaxing with her family, eating her sons’ gourmet cooking, swimming, driving on the beach, traveling and playing word games. She has been an OI for CCEF/WTS for over 15 years. Her interests include marriage counseling, women’s issues, teens, young adults, eating disorders, abuse, adoption, parenting, and educational problems. She is a member of BCC, ABC, AACC, PRN, IABC and works as a counselor for CCEF.

About Kathie Donaldson


"If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."

--Mere Christianity


What is Biblical Counseling?

Seeking counseling can be a bit like buying ketchup.  Here in America we have many varieties from which to choose.  Similarly, there are many counselors available and often many are labeled Christian.  Where does one begin to make a decision?  Here are some distinctives that may help you understand our basis.


Counseling at Recalled2Life will be Christ centered and Biblically based.  We believe that the Bible has much to say about all of the brokenness and suffering of life.  The Bible is rich in help for those who are depressed, having marriage problems, anxious, fearful and all of life’s troubling moments.  The counseling will be centered in a relationship with the one who came to make all things new-Jesus Christ. 


In addition to this, I seek to work within the structure of the local church.  God has placed us in communities that provide relationships that help us walk in this brokenness with hope in Christ. 


Whatever you are seeking help for-personal troubles, relationship problems, emotional obstacles, spiritual difficulties, or psychological issues I am able to aid you in moving toward a God centered way out in these often complicated areas of life.

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